Meryton Press is a leading full-service publisher of Austenesque, historical, and romance fiction. A Meryton Press book—from novellas to novels to series—offers its readers distinctive plots and strong character development. The company is based in Oysterville, Washington.

We are a family of hardworking authors, editors, formatters, graphic designers, and administrators who strive to create books that deliver an immersive reading experience from cover to cover.

The Meryton Press team includes authors and editors worldwide. 

  • Our authors are passionate about their work. Their goal is to involve the reader so deeply in the story that they feel the emotions, share the experiences, and live and love with the characters from the very first page.
  • Our editors work to allow the author’s voice to shine through and to help bring out the best in the writer. All books are edited according to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Meryton Press was founded in 2009. Since then, we have adhered to our plan to offer readers only the best of the best. We produce eBooks, Paperbacks, and Audiobooks. We work with international distribution channels to ensure the widest possible audience for each book.

And Remember…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, when one finishes a great love story, one always longs for more. Count on Meryton Press to provide that more.