“My life has been very much an unfinished painting. The artist comes to the portrait day after day to splash daubs of color onto bare canvas, filling in the blanks of my story. Thus grows the likeness, imperfect as it may be, which you see today.”

Lydia Fitzwilliam, Countess of Matlock

Is the fit of a young man’s regimentals important? Miss Austen never considered that query. Yet, this question marks the beginning of an education—and the longest life—in the Bennet Wardrobe saga.

Lydia Bennet, Longbourn’s most wayward daughter, embarks on her quest in The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion. Discover how the Wardrobe helps young Mrs. Wickham learn that honor and bravery grow not from the color of the uniform—or the gender of its wearer—but rather from the contents of the heart.

In the process, Lydia realizes that she must be broken and repaired. Only then can she become the most useful actor in the Bennet Wardrobe’s great drama. The Pilgrim explores questions of love, loss, pain, worry, and perserverance. All of these are brought to bear as one of the silliest girls in England grows into the Dowager Countess of Matlock.


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