Elizabeth Darcy gripped Mary’s hands and began her speech.

 “Now is the time for you.  Heal now.  Future only, my dearest sister.”

Mary Bennet spent her entire life fighting to be herself. If only she knew just what that was. For years, she buried her nose in the fusty musing of Fordyce’s Sermons to Young Women, trying to be exceptional. Mary hid her light brown eyes—and herself—behind useless spectacles.

With Jane and Elizabeth wed and gone, Miss Bennet must emerge from her cocoon. A young woman of deep faith and inquisitive mind waits to unfurl her wings. Yet, even as Mary Bennet overcomes a troubled adolescence, she is challenged byher sudden and total love for a mysterious man who appears on the night of a great calamity. His secret grows out of a remarkable device—the Bennet Wardrobe!

The Keeper follows the life of Mary Bennet as she matures from the hectoring caricature found in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice into a confident young woman. And, discover how the amazing Bennet Wardrobe makes life interesting for all Bennets.

Laraba Kendig, author of ‘The Longbourn Inheritance’ says of ‘The Keeper’

A magical and delightful journey through space and time as Mary Bennet, the ‘plain’ sister from Jane Austen’s immortal ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ is made Keeper of a magical wardrobe.  Mary and her beloved sisters bravely forge onward to love, to raise children, and to change the universe in the first volume of the series.  A powerful read.


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