Beware of What You Wish For

The Bennet Wardrobe may grant it!

December 1811: The day after Jane and Lizzy marry dawns especially cold for young Kitty Bennet. Called to Mr. Bennet’s book room, she learns her destiny for being complicit in Lydia’s elopement: exile to a Cornwall seminary.

Reacting like any adolescent chafing at parental dictates, she throws a tantrum and slams her hands against the doors of theBennet Wardrobe.

Her heart’s desire? I wish they were dead! Anywhere but Cornwall!  Anywhere but here!

As Lydia would later say, “The Wardrobe has a nasty sense of humor.”

May 1886: Seventeen-year-old Catherine Marie Bennet tumbles out of The Wardrobe at Matlock House. There she encounters the austere viscount Henry Fitzwilliam. However, while their paths may cross that May morning, Henry pines for another woman, lost to him nearly thirty years in his future. And Miss Catherine must decide whether to return to Longbourn and Cornwall or make a new life for herself in Belle Époque Europe.


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