“I have been shaped by the events of over forty years. The world is a nasty place full of awful persons, Mr. Wickham, and does not get any lighter through complaining or blaming. ’Tis only if you confront evil that you have any hopes of prevailing.”  

The Countess: Enigma? Mystery? Or a young girl all-grown-up?

Kitty Bennet spent far too long as the shadow of her younger sister. The all-knowing Meryton chinwags suggested that young Miss Bennet needed education—and quickly—after the irregular circumstances leading to the Wickham wedding.

How right these busybodies were. Yet, the type of instruction Kate Fitzwilliam received—and the where/when in which she matriculated—was far beyond anyone’s ken. They knew nothing of the remarkable piece of furniture that had shaped Longbourn lives for generations: The Bennet Wardrobe.

With decades lived in the future, the Dowager Countess of Matlock, returns to Longbourn’s book room on Family business. However, she is now a woman of sixty-three, thirteen years older than her father. Time can deal strange cards in the Wardrobe’s domain.

The countess unleashes forces that will change the path of history—and the universe itself. The Wardrobe calls the dance, forms the set, and begins the ball. Discover how forgiveness and redemption steels Mr. Bennet’s resolve, brings Lydia Wickham true love, and prepares Kitty Fitzwilliam to sacrifice everything.


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