Bennet looked at his wife’s swollen lips, lovingly bruised from several deep kisses. Her blush was as alluring when gracing the countenance of a mother of forty-four as that of a nineteen-year-old maiden. He was one of the lucky few to have fallen in love with the same woman at both ages.

Thomas Bennet, master of Longbourn, always counted himself amongst the few educated gentlemen of his acquaintance. But he has to travel more than a century into the future to learn how little he knows about the woman sharing his life.

Once again, the amazing Bennet Wardrobe proves to be the schoolmaster. Tom Bennet’s lesson? Mrs. Bennet has been formed especially for him. Yet, ’twill be the good lady herself who teaches her husband the awesome power of the Fifth and Sixth Loves: Redemption and Forgiveness.

Mrs. Bennet also uncovers deep wells of courage and inspiration as she stands with her man in the bleak years after World War II. Together they lead their descendants—bound together by love and sadness—in pursuit of the beast who has wronged every member of the Five Families.


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  1. Margaret
    | Reply

    No narrative drawn to author and subject matter.
    Absolutely loved ‘In Plain Sight’.

    • Meryton Press
      | Reply

      I’m assuming you are referencing a blurb and/or author bio? The blurb will be posted at a later date, and the author bio is under the author’s name on the author page. In Plain Sight is an excellent story. We’re so happy to hear you loved it!

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