Listen to me, Anglais. You need to be hard, not just for now, but in the future when She will need you.

                                                        — Monsieur Jacques to Henry Fitzwilliam, 1915

Time is bent in 1883 when Henry Fitzwilliam uses the Bennet Wardrobe to seek his destiny through combat. But, as his great-grandmother the dowager countess noted, “The Wardrobe has a nasty sense of humor.” The lessons the young aristocrat learns are not the ones he expected.

Fitzwilliam travels over thirty years into the future to land in the middle of the most awful conflict in human history. His time at the Front teaches him that heroic contests are a distant memory—if they had ever existed. At the battle of Loos, Henry discovers the horrors of “modern” warfare—the machine gun, high explosive artillery, and poison gas.

Two weeks spent recuperating at the Beach House in Deauville irrevocably change his life. There he encounters an incredible woman, one who will define his years-long search for love after he completes his journey. That impossible bond shapes Henry Fitzwilliam and the future of the Wardrobe itself.


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