It is the Christmas season of 1836, and Fitzwilliam Darcy continues to suffer from the loss of his wife in April. But he is not alone. All who loved her, especially her daughter, Madelyn Anne Darcy, sense a yawning chasm in the center of their lives. Feeling the somber halls of Pemberley closing in, she escapes to Thornhill and her Aunt Jane’s calming influence.

However, the woods above this neighboring estate hold a life-altering surprise: another half-orphan—Thomas Johnson, an American from the Ohio River country—and his widowed mother, scarred by their own ineffable losses, are recovering at his Uncle Charles’s estate. A bit of snow and the need for a Yule log—along with the connivance of The Old One—conspire to bring the young people together.

Meanwhile, Caroline (née Bingley) Johnson is determined to face both the woman she hurt and the man she desired before fleeing to America twenty years earlier. Now, she begs for Jane Bingley’s Sixth Love grace whilst shaping herself to be the vessel into which her dearest friend’s soulmate can pour his grief.

Can Darcy learn the essentials as he moves forward to his destiny? In the process, can the two bereaved adversaries negotiate a space defined by their mutual love for Pemberley’s departed mistress?

This is an interim novella in the final volume of the Bennet Wardrobe Series.


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