North and South + The Onion! Part 1

Well, I recently saw a headline on The Onion that made me think of a scene in the wonderful North and South miniseries, and that was pretty much all it took to send me scouring for headlines and screencaps to create a bunch of new Onion memes.

A lot of these turned out to be pretty morbid, actually. But then, a lot of people die in North and South!

There will be 6 sets of these, and the final set will be the best, obviously. Because train station kiss. But we start with part 1:

If you like these, you’ll like Austen + The Onion.

3 Responses

  1. Sheila L. M.

    Now I am curious. What does “onion” mean in this context? I have not run across this usage before. Obviously I am missing something. I love this movie so will hang in there to see where this is going.

    • kckahler

      The Onion is a satirical “news” site at, and there’s a common internet meme where fans combine selected headlines with stills from tv shows and movies in a humorous way.

      I did a bunch of them for Austen adaptations too, linked at the end above. There’s probably a better explanation in those posts.

      • Sheila L. M.

        Thanks for getting back to me. I thought of “layers” as we peel an onion so we delve into movie emotions and scenes, etc. I guess I was wrong.