In High Spirits for a Ball: #JaneWithATwist

Lydia and Kitty are in high spirits for the ball.

We are perfectly ready, we assure you, to keep our promise to give another delicious round of #JaneWithATwist. It would be the most shameful thing in the world if we did not!

You are cordially invited to celebrate the Netherfield Ball with the authors of Meryton Press, and with drinks inspired by characters from Pride and Prejudice. The fun starts on Friday, just in time to try a few of these at Thanksgiving! Here’s a sneak peak:

November 20 – KC Kahler will post Mrs. Bennet’s Sloe Gin Fizz

November 22 – Linda Beutler will post A Cocktail for Mr. Bingley, or You Are What You Drink

November 24 – Jenetta James will post Miss Bingley’s Gimlet, a pre-ball snifter

November 26 – On the big day, dance with a little beverage history from Linda Beutler – Jane’s Balls and Assemblies: Punch that Packs a Wallop

November 27Karen M. Cox helps us through the morning after with a post about Regency hangover cures

ball1 ball2


Did you miss the first round of Jane with a Twist? Get caught up here:


***In consideration of those who might wish to avoid posts about alcohol, all posts in this series will be tagged #JaneWithATwist. Please take this as your trigger warning and screen your clicks accordingly.***

  1. tgruy

    I’m receiving quite an education with all of you!