Dutiful Son 

Kelly Miller's newest book, A Dutiful Son, is a Regency Pride & Prejudice Variation. In this story, Fitzwilliam's father, George Darcy is alive and plays an important role in the lives of Georgiana and Fitzwilliam. It is intriguing to witness the dynamic of their respective relationships with their father. But how does Elizabeth Bennet fit into the mix? Maybe the blurb will shed some light on this question.


What will Fitzwilliam Darcy do when his beloved father stands between him and happiness?

Darcy has always emulated his wise and honourable father, George Darcy. But following a sinister act of betrayal by a former family friend, his father rejects his most compassionate principles.

When Georgiana forms a friendship with Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy convinces his father to allow the association to continue. However, Elizabeth soon presents a thorny problem: she entices Darcy as no other lady has before, and with his father’s current outlook, he would not approve of her as a daughter-in-law.

Still, Darcy’s problem may resolve in time: his father, after getting to know Elizabeth, is certain to recognise her many admirable qualities and change his mind. But what if he does not?

In this Pride & Prejudice Regency variation, Fitzwilliam Darcy is caught between the influences of love and duty. Which of these will wield the greatest power?

From the author

My latest Regency “Pride and Prejudice” variation “A Dutiful Son,” has a significant change from the original: Fitzwilliam Darcy’s father, George Darcy, is still alive when we begin our story in August 1811. So, George Darcy is master of Pemberley, and he had hired Mrs. Younge as Georgiana’s companion and allowed them to go to Ramsgate.

Of course, this is very much a Darcy and Elizabeth story, but I thought it would be interesting to explore how the elder Mr. Darcy might influence his son’s actions. This Fitzwilliam Darcy is different from Canon. Though he retains a reserved personality, these five years with his father’s influence has made a difference in how he presents himself to others. For instance, I imagine if Mr. George Darcy ever heard of his son insulting a lady at an assembly, he would be livid!

 This excerpt, in Fitzwilliam Darcy’s point of view, takes place several hours after Darcy told his father of the plot perpetrated by Mrs. Younge and Mr. Wickham. Darcy had thwarted their evil plan upon his impromptu trip to Ramsgate.



This is the excerpt that was featured at the Meryton Press Cover Reveal for A Dutiful Son.


In the wavering illumination of the nearby candle, the lines beneath Papa’s eyes appeared to have deepened. Without doubt, Darcy’s devastating report earlier that day had extracted a heavy toll.

“I spent the afternoon reflecting on the example I set for you and Georgiana. I have made many errors and have done both of you a grave disservice.” Papa’s head dipped, his shoulders slumped.

“You are too severe on yourself. There is no reason to remain mired in the past. Although Wickham attempted an abominable scheme, it failed. He will not bother us again. As for Georgiana, her spirits will rally in time.”

Papa leaned back and held him in a stern gaze. “I will not repeat the mistakes that led to this near disaster, and neither shall you or Georgiana. Although I expect you to be kind in your dealings with those lower in status, you must adhere to class lines. You will avoid associating with anyone outside of our social sphere, and you will help ensure that Georgiana follows suit.”

His jaw tightened. This did not sound like Papa; indeed, his father would retract these words in time.

Until then, could he maintain his association with Charles Bingley? Although considered by many to be a gentleman, his friend’s fortune came from the sale of the late Mr. Bingley’s business. “You know Bingley and I are close. I hope you do not expect me to dissolve that connexion.”

A furrow formed between Papa’s brows. “In retrospect, I ought to have stepped in when you first made his acquaintance. It would be unfair for me to ask you to give him up now. Bingley has been a fine friend to you.”

He relaxed against the chair. “Bingley plans to purchase an estate in the next year or two, and I agreed to advise him. To that end, this October I shall stay at the estate he is leasing in Hertfordshire.”

“I suppose Miss Bingley will act as hostess?” His father rubbed his chin.

“I expect so.”

“It is vital that you do not allow Mr. Bingley or Miss Bingley to believe there is any possibility the lady will one day become your wife.”

The mere suggestion prompted a shudder. Miss Bingley, though attractive and well versed in the manners and customs of the ton, was also disingenuous, vain, and too often unkind. She could not attract his interest even if she had royal blood. “I am certain Bingley has no expectation I should ever offer for his sister.” Miss Bingley’s expectations, though, might be another matter.

“Still, I insist that when you reach London you discuss the matter with Bingley—before you go to Hertfordshire. You had better also make it clear that your friend could never marry Georgiana.”

Darcy swallowed. Of all his friends, he had fancied Bingley might make the best match for Georgie if he remained unmarried when she came out—though he had never shared that thought with anyone.

“Son, did you hear me? There must be no room for misunderstanding.”

“But I—” The unyielding cast in his father’s eyes suppressed Darcy’s ready argument. “Very well, I shall do so.


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