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Old Boots, a new book by Grace Gibson, is a companion, of sorts, to her first Meryton Press novel, Silver Buckles. The two are completely independent of each other, yet they have one thing in common—footwear. We are happy to be publishing this novel which is now available for preorder and will be auto-delivered to your eReader on release day, July 9th.

This story is told from Darcy’s point of view, and it is quite entertaining. Before getting to the cover, we will share the back cover copy. We hope you will enjoy reading more about Old Boots.


Back Cover Copy

Some form of devilry has come over Mr. Darcy.

Since his father’s death, Fitzwilliam Darcy has endeavored to be reliable, responsible, and restrained. But upon visiting Netherfield Park in Hertfordshire, he finds himself weary of the struggle to be so damnably well regulated and delights in a revival of the carefree mischief that characterized his younger days.

What brings on this sudden reversal? Perhaps it is a shocking incident that takes place upon his first entering the neighborhood when he rescues Miss Elizabeth Bennet from the raging current of a rain-swollen stream. The so-called “lady” does not prefer to be rescued, and Darcy’s subsequent dunking, rather than resulting in the gratitude that is his due, is met with her confounding resentment of his interference.

This tale of Darcy’s entanglement with the mysteriously grief-stricken Bennet family is interwoven with a love story—a most delicious exchange of looks, barbs, pranks, and innuendos as Miss Elizabeth, the “lightning bolt of Longbourn,” regularly singes, frustrates, and humbles the man from Derbyshire.


Imagine a Mr. Darcy who is mischievous and carefree like in his younger days! What an intriguing thought that is! Would you like to know more? We'll take a look at a short excerpt soon. During the upcoming blog tour, there will be more excerpts with examples of the devilry that has come over Mr. Darcy! All readers and followers are in for a treat!

Now is the time to see the front cover. Then I’ll tell you about the painting.

The painting, The Honourable Mark George Kerr Rolle (1835–1907), High Steward (1861–1907), was painted by Henry Richard Graves (1812-1882) The painting and image copyright is owned by Barnstaple Town Council, and the original painting hangs in Barnstaple Guildhall, in Barnstaple, North Devon, England.

Meryton Press, Grace Gibson, and Janet Taylor would like to thank the Barnstaple Town Council, the Town Clerk, and Megan Sanders for granting us the privilege to use the painting on the front cover of Old Boots.


Are you curious about all the dogs and Darcy wearing a pair of boots that are definitely not "old"? Hmmm, what is happening here, and when is it taking place? Where?

Do you want to see the full wrapper? Maybe some questions will be answered, or...maybe more will arise!

Darcy is wearing "old boots" in this painting. Why would he not be wearing his usual perfectly shined boots? His valet must by mortified! I'm really curious now. How about you? What about the puppy behind Lizzy's skirt? What does it have to do with the story? Stay tuned.


Let's hear from the author, then read a short excerpt.

From the author

I am excited to introduce my newest release, Old Boots, told entirely from Mr. Darcy’s point of view. Isn’t this an intriguing, manly-man cover?

Mr. Darcy is usually pictured riding high atop a spirited thoroughbred and not often associated with dogs. But maybe I should explain that in this story, I have introduced a new character to help Darcy and Elizabeth’s love affair along—his name is Bandit, and in this excerpt, we see just how cleverly he arranges for them to meet.



A landed man will always think about drainage when looking at a stream, and I was in the midst of wondering whether Netherfield Park was muddy or dry when, with only half my attention, I began to notice a lady up ahead. She stood on the embankment, balanced by only one hand grasping a tree limb as she stretched precariously over the frothing water. She was staring intently into the current, and such was the tautness and intensity of her pose that the rest of my attention snapped into focus. 

I struggled from a slouch into an upright position and began pounding on the roof of my carriage. As the wheels stopped, I jumped to the road, yet before I took one step toward the woman to ascertain what was needed, she dropped like a stone into the water below her! 

I confess, I blinked twice to assure myself I was in my right mind, but a bonnet floating downstream on the fast-moving water caused me to shout with surprise and break into a run. In a flash, I was on the bank, frantically scanning upstream for any sign of the lady. 

I spotted her instantly, not ten yards away but moving quickly, and after one second of anguish for my boots, I, too, plunged waist deep into freezing water. With her back to me, the woman was submerged chest-high and struggling to stay upright, judging from the splashing all around her. With grim determination to make quick work of rescuing her, I crashed through the ice-cold current, grasped her by the waist, and dragged her toward the bank. 

I had heard that a drowning person can sometimes fight his rescuer, but I was surprised by the force of resistance with which my effort was rewarded. 

“Let me go!” she bawled, and then, while flailing wildly against me, she spluttered, “You are making this harder!” 

With a surprising degree of strength, she lunged away from me, and when I once again had a crushing hold around her waist, I became vaguely aware that we were not alone. She was clinging to something that thrashed and flailed for its life. 

But before I could fully grasp this development, my foot slipped as we wrestled, and I stumbled, pulling us completely under water in a tangled mass. By some feat of superhuman strength, I found a foothold, righted myself, thrust us to the surface, and hauled myself, the lady, and— 

“A dog?” I spat in disgust as I landed us, panting, gasping, and coughing in a heap in the mud midway up the bank. 

I love this beautiful book cover and think it captures the essence of the story so well! If you would like to read a bit more about this matchmaking hound, join me at Austenesque Reviews on July 12th. Hope to see you there!  


I love this excerpt and Bandit! He is one clever hound, isn't he? To arrange this unusual and uh, rather wet, river drenching meeting for Darcy and Lizzy, he has to be fairly crafty! I thought it was a splendid introduction! Darcy and Lizzy don't know what "hit" them, but they shall soon find out!

The blog tour for Old Boots will start July 12th. The complete schedule with links to all stops will be posted at a later date on this blog and on the Meryton Press Facebook page.


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