Meryton Press was happy to share the cover reveal for Linda Gonschior’s newest novel.

Parallels is the third book in the Reflections series. The first book is Reflections, and the second one is A Tarnished Image.

Ellen Pickels designed the gorgeous cover for this latest book. Let’s take a look at the back cover copy. Then we will get to read the first excerpt that Linda is sharing. There will be more excerpts and posts coming up in the Parallels Blog Tour beginning June 7th.


Back Cover Copy


Love, heartbreak, and self-discovery

are life’s greatest challenges,

no matter who your parents may be. 

Will and Elizabeth Darcy faced those challenges twenty years earlier, yet marriage taught them patience, understanding, and most importantly, the irreplaceable value of one another. Now their children are about to embark upon that path, hopefully to learn those lessons more gently and avoid the mistakes of their parents. 

This third book in the Reflections series brings to a conclusion the story of a couple whose love drew them together in spite of themselves and continues to test them when least expected.


What do you think? Have you read the first two? If you have, let us know in the comments on the Meryton Press Blog for this post. 

For those who haven't seen it yet, it’s time to look at the cover! This one really stands out!

Wouldn't you like to know where this couple are, who they are...can we guess? Are they reminiscing and if so, what about? What about the season? Is it significant? Do you notice anything about the bench? I guess I will have to read the book to get the answers to my questions!

Isn’t the full wrapper eye-catching? And have I said gorgeous? The colors and contrast grab my attention and make me want to study it. I just love it! It all comes together so well.

From the author

I just love this cover Ellen designed for Parallels! A perfect fit with the covers of the first two books in the series. The autumn colours pop and capture the essence of this conclusion to the Reflections stories.


Remember the excerpt I mentioned at the beginning of this post? I think it is time to take a look at it!


The wine had flowed, the food was eaten, and Anna had opened her gifts. The evening was coming to a close with everyone relaxed and laughing. Anna was still admiring the beautiful ruby necklace she’d received from her parents and the matching earrings Ben had given her. The younger members of the family were now making their way upstairs to bed, leaving Anna and Ben with their parents and aunt to finish off the wine and cakes.

“Anna, have another one.” Ben offered her the plate.

“I couldn’t eat another bite!” she said, laughing.

“You finish them,” Elizabeth suggested with a smile. “You know you will anyway.” She glanced over at her husband, sitting quietly opposite her. “You’ve not said much, Will.”

He gave her a small smile. “I was just pondering the events of twenty years ago when Anna was born.”

Elizabeth’s smile faded slowly, and Georgiana’s gaze alternated between her brother and sister-in-law.

“Now, Will, don’t go getting all gloomy on us.” Georgiana poured him another drink and held out the glass. “It was twenty years ago, and you and Elizabeth have had many long, happy years since.”

Ben and Anna looked at each other questioningly, then both shrugged their shoulders. Will sipped at the glass his sister had given him.

“You were only twenty then yourself, Georgie,” he said wistfully. “Where does the time go?”

Elizabeth patted his leg. “Feeling old, my dear?” She chuckled. “Well, if you want to reminisce, I think you should choose something a bit more cheerful. How about my first visit to Pemberley?”

“Oh yes,” Anna exclaimed. “Would you tell us about that?”

Will cleared his throat. “I don’t think there’s much of that I’d care to tell or dare to repeat, Elizabeth.”

“Oh, you mean how you sent me flying into the rose garden?” Elizabeth looked at him in a way that said she knew exactly what he meant.

Georgiana smiled at them. “Oh yes, I remember that.”

“Thank you, dear,” Will said sarcastically. “I had wished to forget that particular moment.”

Anna leaned forward eagerly. “But I’d like to hear it.”

“Your father looked so handsome,” Elizabeth told her. “And so embarrassed!”

“But what happened after that? Where was this garden? Did you fall in love instantly?” Anna sighed.

“I can’t believe you’ve never told your children that story, Will,” Georgiana said before adding in a suggestive tone, “I should think Ben might be interested in it especially.”

Will stared at her. “I can’t believe you even know that story! I didn’t tell you.” He looked over at his wife who glanced away quickly.

Ben raised his eyebrows at his parents. “Is this something I would be interested in?” When his mother blushed and turned away, he grinned as he realized why they must have kept it quiet. “Ah, I understand.”

“I don’t.” Anna looked at them, puzzled. She met four pairs of staring eyes. “Oh.” She blushed.


What do you think about the excerpt? Are you ready to read more? Preorder is available with automatic delivery to your eReader on June 7th.



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The first two books of the Reflections series, Reflections and A Tarnished Image, are on sale at Amazon; US - $0.99 and UK - £0.99. The sale is from June 4th through June 7th. Get your copies today! Parallels, the third book, is available for preorder with automatic delivery June 7th.


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