The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Hunter Quinn is a new author for Meryton Press, and we are pleased to have her with us and to be revealing the cover for her first book, The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet. It is also available for pre-order and will be delivered to eReaders on April 15th. 

Take a look at the front cover of the book. Isn't that a beautiful dress? The photo of the dress and "Lizzy" is courtesy of RegencyCouture, and the dress is made by Julia. You can find her on Etsy and Instagram under RegencyCouture. She makes many beautiful dresses and hats.

What about the background? Aren't the fall colors pretty? The Lyme Park photo is courtesy of Míra Magdó. During all of Míra's travels, she has taken so many gorgeous pictures and met many of the actors and actresses from the miniseries. Many of us are a little jealous! :)

Would you like to know a little more about Hunter's book?


Back Cover Copy

An insulting proposal without an explanatory letter…how can they possibly reconcile?

When her sister Lydia elopes without a trace, Elizabeth Bennet must put aside her predisposition against Mr. Darcy—the man whose hand she refused months earlier—and plead for his assistance in locating the wayward couple. As a result, they face daunting hurdles with help from well-loved friends and interference from old rivals. Will their struggles result in permanent estrangement or a love match?


Oh, that Lydia! She may be trouble at times, but it seems that she has unintentionally brought Elizabeth and Darcy together. I like that! Hunter will share an excerpt shortly, and you can read more about Lizzy going to ask for help.

Let's take a peek at the back cover too. It represents a scene in the book. When you read Hunter's story, watch for it. :) It has quite an unexpected outcome, but that's all we will say!


Meet the Author

Hunter Quinn is a British writer, residing in the southwest of England. She is an avid reader, no doubt due to the influence of her mother, an English classics’ professor and lecturer. 

Having grown up a stone’s throw from Bath and always surrounded by the words of literary greats, Hunter first discovered Jane Austen at a young age. But it was the ubiquitous scene where Mr. Darcy—portrayed by Colin Firth (a moment of silence and applause)—first emerged from the lake in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that cemented her love for Jane Austen and the regency romance genre of spirited damsels, dashing gentleman, and glittering ballrooms. Afterwards, Hunter walked through life daydreaming and writing ‘what if’ scenarios between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy but never had the courage to share them. 

Once the lockdown went into effect, Hunter took the plunge and began sharing her first novel on well-known JAFF sites. The praise and interest of readers gave her the confidence to submit The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet to Meryton Press Publishing…and the rest is history!


Note from the Author

Firstly, I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all at Meryton Press for their kind welcome and support, on this road to publish my first Pride and Prejudice variation and to the amazing editors I have been blessed with: Carole Steinhardt (beta), Becky Sun, and Ellen Pickels. And finally, a big thanks must be made to Janet Taylor for her care and patience!

Here is a short extract from the beginning of The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet. I will be posting more during my blog tour and hope to see you there!

Thanks for your support!

Hunter Quinn x


“The master will see you in his study. If you would allow me…” Jarvis gestured to her outerwear. It took but a moment for Elizabeth to remove and hand over her pelisse and bonnet. “If you will please follow me, Miss Bennet, I shall show you to Mr Darcy.”

Elizabeth’s knees felt weak. Mr Darcy had agreed to see her! Did this mean he would help? Or did he simply want to witness her downfall and then have the satisfaction of throwing her out onto the street? But then, how could he know of the scandal that had occurred in her family…

“Miss Bennet?”


“If you would please follow me,” the butler repeated as he gestured in the direction, he was to take her.

Elizabeth barely managed a small nod before following the butler on unsteady legs. As they drew deeper into the house, Elizabeth did not take notice of her surroundings. She was too preoccupied in rehearsing what she might say once she was face to face with Mr Darcy. She had to compose herself so she could speak in a calm and reasonable manner. Nervously, she patted her hair and smoothed the skirt of her gown.

All too soon, Jarvis stopped in front of yet another impressive door. Elizabeth had been so engrossed in her thoughts that she very nearly barrelled into the butler’s narrow frame. He pretended not to notice the misstep, raised a pristine, white-gloved hand, and knocked twice upon the solid oak door.

“Enter,” intoned a deep voice from within, and the butler opened the door. Elizabeth’s heart began to pound a little faster.

“Miss Bennet to see you, sir,” announced Jarvis with a bow.

He stepped to the side, allowing Elizabeth to enter, and gave her a barely perceptible smile and nod. This small gesture made her warm to him even further.

Not entirely certain that her legs would not crumple at any moment, Elizabeth squared her shoulders, drew herself up to her full height, and stepped into the lion’s den, ready for battle.

Jarvis had closed the door enough to give them a modicum of privacy, yet not so much that Elizabeth’s reputation would be damaged. Although, being there without a chaperone or companion present was damning enough! Taking a moment to allow her eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room, she did not immediately see Mr Darcy behind his desk. But then her gaze found him. He did not stand to greet her but sat motionless, his face partially hidden in the shadows as he regarded her.

Elizabeth, never one to be easily intimidated, had always found a way to convey confidence when she was nervous or unsure.

“Mr Darcy,” she said with a curtsey.

Her voice seemed to have animated him, for he then stood, walked around his desk, and faced her. Elizabeth noticed his coat was missing and that his cravat had been pulled at and loosened. He maintained a substantial distance from her, but even in his current position, he was a towering presence. Has he always been so tall? Elizabeth wondered distractedly.

His eyes bored into hers—their depths of stormy grey making her want to flee and hide. How can his eyes be so cold and yet burn so brightly? She took in his rugged appearance and aristocratic jawline—disapproving and hard. As he took a step towards her, the flames from the grand fireplace cast a menacing shadow over his countenance. For a moment, he looked like the devil himself. Elizabeth’s stomach clenched as a chill ran through her, curling her toes and making the hairs on her neck stand on end.


What do you think of the excerpt? At least we have an idea why Lizzy needs Darcy's help, but is there more to it than we know? What about his missing coat and loosened cravat? I'm sure that was an unexpected sight!



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