Are Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy a Matching Pair? 

She staggered a great man. He was reeling. She was overwhelmed. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy, standing irritably at the edge of the Meryton assembly, declines to dance with Elizabeth Bennet. In a mood of revulsion, he rejects her without concern of being overheard. Country pretensions are always in need of squashing, and what better way to make clear he would not partner anyone outside his party? However, when he looks over at her, she does not appear humbled at all. She is secretly laughing at him!

Elizabeth is perversely delighted to encounter such an outrageous snob as Mr. Darcy. When he approaches her with a stiff, graceless apology, she coolly brushes him off, believing that, like most annoyances, he will go away when properly snubbed. But no! The man then puts out his hand and, not wishing to create a scene, compels her to stand up with him.

They go through the steps of the dance mutually disdainful and intent upon wounding each other. But by the time the musicians end their tune, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have traded barbs with such accuracy, they are unaccountably amused and engaged. Will this most inconvenient flirtation drive them apart—or, like silver buckles, are they a matched pair?


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Skirmish & Scandal Series

Schemes of Felicity by Suzan Lauder, The Longbourn Quarantine by Don Jacobson, and Play with Fire by J. Marie Croft are the first three novellas of the "Skirmish & Scandal" Series that have been published, with at least five more coming. The release date of the remaining novellas will be announced on the Meryton Press Facebook page and Blog. If you haven't had a chance to read the three above, we hope you get to read them soon.



Audiobooks, released to date in 2020, available for your listening pleasure, can be found at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Mr. Darcy's Perfect Match - Kelly Miller, Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

When Duty Calls - Belén Paccagnella, Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

A Covenant of Marriage - C. P. Odom, Narrated by Christopher Jarvis

The Mist of Her Memory - Suzan Lauder, Narrated by Neil Roy McFarlane

A Most Handsome Gentleman - Suzan Lauder, Narrated by Ofelia Oliver

A Peculiar Connection - Jan Hahn, Narrated by Amanda S. Brown

In Plain Sight - Don Jacobson, Narrated by Amanda Berry

A Chance Encounter in Pemberley Woods - Brigid Huey, Narrated by Emily Wylie


Watch for these new & upcoming releases

Upcoming Novels:

The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet - Hunter Quinn

Determination - C. P. Odom

Interrupted Plans - Brigid Huey


Upcoming Audiobooks:

Schemes of Felicity  - Suzan Lauder, Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

The Longbourn Quarantine - Don Jacobson, Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

Play with Fire - J. Marie Croft, Narrated by Harry Frost

Perilous Siege - C. P. Odom, Narrated by Christopher Jarvis

Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley - Kelly Miller, Narrated by Christopher Jarvis

Accusing Mr. Darcy - Kelly Miller, Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

His Choice of a Wife - Heather Moll, Narrated by Katherine Anderson

Alias Thomas Bennet - Suzan Lauder, Narrated by Jacq Ainsworth

Letter from Ramsgate - Suzan Lauder, Narrated by Ofelia Oliver


Upcoming Novellas from the "Skirmish & Scandal" Series:

My Dear Mr. Darcy - Audrey Ryan

Spies of Our Acquaintance - Brigid Huey

Reckless, Headstrong Girl - Grace Gibson

A Consuming Love - Kelly Miller

Skirmish & Scandal - C. P. Odom


Novels Released in 2020:

Mr. Darcy's Perfect Match - Kelly Miller

When Duty Calls - Belén Paccagnella

A Covenant of Marriage - C. P. Odom

Accusing Mr. Darcy - Kelly Miller

Silver Buckles - Grace Gibson



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