"Skirmish & Scandal" Novella Series

Meryton Press will be releasing several novellas over the next few months. In 2019 we first decided we wanted to do an anthology. Even though we were still in the planning stage, some of the authors began to write their stories. Then in early 2020 before the pandemic, we felt that novellas would be better for the authors and readers alike. The authors with stories started expanding them, and other authors began writing theirs.

All novellas are loosely based on the theme “Skirmish & Scandal,” and each will be a stand-alone story. They will have similar covers to distinguish them as part of the “Skirmish & Scandal” Series.

There are eight novellas in the works and/or ready to publish.

Schemes of Felicity by Suzan Lauder

The Longbourn Quarantine by Don Jacobson

A Consuming Love by Kelly Miller

Duel-Purpose Act by J. Marie Croft

Spies of Our Acquaintance by Brigid Huey

Reckless, Headstrong Girl by Grace Gibson

Title Coming Soon by Audrey Ryan

Skirmish & Scandal by C. P. Odom (who graciously allowed the use of his title for the theme of the novella series.

We may eventually have three or four more, but this is the definitive count for now. Releases will be announced on the Meryton Press blog and the Meryton Press Facebook page.

To get a glimpse of what is happening at Meryton Press, visit the “In the Works” page of the website. http://merytonpress.com/in-the-works/


Who Is This Man?

Neil McFarlane hails from the UK but since childhood has led a roving life. He spent over ten years in Asia, mainly Taiwan and China, where he worked as an English teacher and later in the Chinese film industry, in diverse roles such as subtitling, editing, dubbing, marketing, and film festival liaison.

He studied literature at BA and MA level and more recently has turned his hand to writing, mostly children's books. He was an honoree at the 2014 London Book Festival for his collection A Month of Bedtime Stories. He previously worked as Assistant Editor at Hamilton & Co. Publishers (now defunct) in Yorkshire, and in January 2020 took on editorial duties with Meryton Press.

In April, shortly after narrating The Child, Neil started a journey that finished in June. He camped wild for 52 nights in a row and walked about 500 miles from Swansea to Edinburgh in a very meandering way. Yes, it was a walking journey! Can you imagine? He said he wrote a lot of the short stories for his most recent children's collection during the trip. He had a small solar panel on the back of his rucksack which charged his phone. Neil had a pot and stove to cook with and a water purifier for drinking out of rivers and lakes when he was in the wilds. This was his first long trip, and after a couple of days he could hardly walk, his joints were so stiff and sore. By the end of it, he said he was as strong as an ox! (A small ox.) Sometimes maddening, sometimes tedious, sometimes lonely, it was overall a wonderful experience, and he wants to do something similar every year until he is too old.

 Now back in his home country, he currently resides in Macclesfield, on the edge of the Peak District and a stone's throw from Lyme Park, the setting for Pemberley in the 1995 television series of Pride and Prejudice.

Neil narrated Jan Hahn’s The Child, and many of us fell in love with his velvet voice. Next Neil was the voice for Consequences by C. P. Odom., and his latest audiobook was Suzan Lauder’s The Mist of Her Memory.

As mentioned, the most recent Meryton Press job for Neil is editor. He is currently in the process of editing the manuscript, “Determination” by C.P. Odom. Soon after Neil started editing, the pandemic broke out. That considerably slowed down the process on his end. Neil was working in a hospital that was short-handed. During the coronavirus outbreak, he worked long hours and many days, until the hospital was finally able to get more help. That alleviated some of the pressure on him and allowed him to get back to editing Colin’s book.

This man wears many hats, and we are fortunate to have him working with us at Meryton Press. Thank you, Neil Roy McFarlane.



Two audiobooks were recently released at Audible:

C. P. Odom’s A Covenant of Marriage narrated by Christopher Jarvis

Mr. Darcy’s Perfect Match by Kelly Miller, narrated by Stevie Zimmerman


Audiobooks in various stages of release are:

A Chance Encounter in Pemberley Woods by Brigid Huey, narrated by Emily Wylie (Heading to Retail)

A Most Handsome Gentleman by Suzan Lauder, narrated by Ofelia Oliver (Pending Review)


Production Stage:

His Choice of a Wife by Heather Moll, narrated by Katherine Anderson

A Peculiar Connection by Jan Hahn, narrated by Amanda S. Brown

In Plain Sight by Don Jacobson, narrated by Amanda Berry

Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley by Kelly Miller, narrated by Christopher Jarvis

Perilous Siege by C. P. Odom, narrated by Alan Aldersley-Byrne

We will keep you updated as audiobooks are released and new ones are in production.


Welcome Grace Gibson and Hunter Quinn


Meryton Press has two new authors, and we are happy to welcome them to our family. They are both lovely ladies and have stories that we feel you will enjoy.

Grace Gibson will release “Silver Buckles.”

Hunter Queen’s novel is “The Predisposition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet.”


Watch for these upcoming releases

Several authors have novels in the works. We are excited about all the “goings on.” 


Determination by C. P. Odom

Accusing Mr. Darcy by Kelly Miller

Silver Buckles by Grace Gibson

The Predisposition of Elizabeth Bennet by Hunter Quinn

Interrupted Plans by Brigid Huey 



And Remember...

It is a truth universally acknowledged: when one finishes a great love story, one always longs for more. Count on Meryton Press, an independent publisher of Austenesque and Romance, to provide that more.