5 Sunny Escapes for Bookworms

No matter where you are, dreaming of a sunny destination keeps you anxiously awaiting those first true summer days where the temperature is perfect, no chill breeze chases you, and sunshine caresses you with it's warmth without burning. Why wait for that beautifully perfect day when you can live it right now? Fortunately, us bookworms have a little secret.  The pleasure of indulging in a good book isn't just a nerdy habit or a way to practice avoidance. Reading truly transports us to another place and time. 
So, if you need to shake off the last vestiges of winter and yearn to get to that truly perfect day, here's 5 places you can go right now, without moving your feet.

1. Savannah, Georgia

Ok, so this scene happens in winter, but winter in Savannah is like summer in most places.

A sweet-smelling afternoon wind blew off the ocean as Catie and Ben stood watching Sarah and the children-all barefooted-running from a slow moving, foamy wave.

The Heart Does Whisper by Cynthia Ingram Hensley

2. Derbyshire, England

This is the mecca of all Austenesque fans and merits a visit in any season.

Her closed eyes saw gold from the sun that pierced her lids as her face tilted to the sky towards him.

Bluebells in the Morning by KaraLynne Mackrory

3. Brighton, England

Because even Mrs Bennet could use a little sea bathing.

There, he could appreciate nature's majesty, watching the breakers splash against the dark stone structures, the edges rippling with foam.

The Secret Betrothal by Jan Hahn

4. Kent, England

What a place to enjoy a pleasant walk.

As soon as Elizabeth exited the Parsonage, she could not help being cheered by the fresh air and sunshine...

A Most Civil Proposal by C P Odom

5. The Carolinas

Miles and miles of white sands beckon.

I ambled up the beach, water splashing around my ankles as I watched the sand swirl, a kaleidoscope of patterns wherever I stepped.

At the Edge of the Sea by Karen M Cox

Go, now.  Delay no further.  Enjoy a sunny destination and take advantage of one of the perks of being a bookworm.


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  1. Anji

    Okay, that’s some of my summer reading sorted!

    • admin

      Glad to be of help! 😉