3 Romantic Ways to Survive the Last of the Snow

For many people, the last weeks of winter are the toughest.  Some people choose to escape it by traveling to warmer climates, even if for a short weekend of relief.  For those with no way out, here’s a few ways to make the best of it inspired by scenes from some of our favorite books. It might even inspire you to take a romantic weekend further north to make romantic memories of your own.

(Illustrated with pictures from Pinterest)


Hole up with the one you love in a remote cabin in front of a crackling fireplace with a lovely quilt wrapped around you.  Who cares how hard the storm may blow outside if your whole world is right there with you.

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Such was the stuff of cherished memories for Laurel and James on a quiet Kentucky mountaintop in Find Wonder in All Things by Karen M Cox.



Meet your soul mate in an outdoor garden frosted in white glory, crunching snow under your feet, and the fresh cool air filling your lungs.  Afterwards warm up inside a cozy bedroom.  The warming method is up to you, whether by sipping hot cocoa or by creating heat of your own.



For star-crossed lovers, William and Elizabeth, this was the setting fate chose to bring them back together in Reflections by Linda Gonschior.



Enjoy a first or second honeymoon with days spent admiring the beautiful natural landscapes and nights spent within a rustic hunting lodge in early 19th century style that not only gives you the feel of visiting another place, but also another time.

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Holly and Lord Baugham begin their life together with the new year at Clyne Cottage surrounded by the beautiful Scottish landscape in all it’s wintry splendor in Love Then Begins by Gail McEwen and Tina Moncton, the second book of the Lord and Lady Baugham series.