Talking About Suddenly Mrs Darcy


Suddenly Mrs Darcy by Jenetta James was published in late April and opened to rave reviews putting it in several #1 spots on Amazon lists and making it a hot new release. Here’s how some readers are gushing about it:


An enjoyable twist on an excellent story. It moves well, never left in a quandary. Yes, I think it will be one of the books I will read again with much pleasure.
Dagny, Amazon

 It was Fabulous!!

Claudine, Amazon

I thoroughly loved this book. I have read so much JAFF over the years, but I loved this take on it. Very different, and well done.
Anna, Amazon

I read this in one sitting, during a long car trip, and arrived at my destination totally satisfied.

twin2th, Amazon

This is the best P&P variation I have read in a long time. The premise is completely logical and believable. The writing is excellent and the pace of the story moves right along. I will definitely re-read this before the year’s end!
VickyC, Amazon

Haven’t read it yet? Pick up your own copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and see for yourself why people are raving about Suddenly Mrs Darcy.

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