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Lizzy Quinlan lives in the shadow of her past…

Although the country is poised on the eve of the Sexual Revolution, life in the small town of Orchard Hill is still traditional and predictable. The whole town knows Lizzy’s bad reputation and won’t let her forget it. But when Billy Ray Davenport, the son of a widowed itinerant minister, arrives in the summer of 1959, he discovers an indomitable spirit behind the allure his father says is ‘designed to lead men astray.’ Lizzy spouts quirky bursts of wisdom and exudes an effortless sensuality that calls to him like a siren’s song. Billy Ray thinks he could be the one who helps her swim against the tide of disapproval—he could free her once and for all.

But a stormy path awaits the unlikely pair. Lizzy’s past can’t help but shape her future, and ready or not, this beautiful and complex mystery girl is about to change Billy Ray’s life—and his heart—forever.

A new novel from award-winning author Karen M Cox, At the Edge of the Sea is a realistic love story—told by an idealist. As the cultural sands shift under his feet, Billy Ray weaves a tale about navigating through the ocean of approaching adulthood—a journey as ever-changing and ancient as the sea itself.

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Intoxicating and heartfelt romance.

Billy Ray and Lizzy’s roller-coaster relationship, captivating in its intensity and honesty, is a brutal fight against all odds, and Billy Ray’s inner struggle to do the right thing is surprisingly real. Readers will be entertained and inspired by this winning tale.

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I loved that this book made me feel like I was on an emotional journey with the characters – experiencing their joyful highs and despairing lows, engaging me in such a way that I would frequently laugh, sigh, and feel tears well up in my eyes.

Rated 5 of 5 Stars

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  • At the Edge of the Sea By Karen M Cox
  • ISBN 1936009277
  • Awards 2014 Romance and Chicklit Categories-Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • Status Published September 18, 2013
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