Is not the very meaning of love that it surpasses every objection against it?

Jilted. Never did Mr. Darcy imagine it could happen to him.

But it has, and by Elizabeth Bennet, the woman who first hated and rejected him but then came to love him—he believed—and agree to be his wife. Alas, it is a short-lived, ill-fated romance that ends nearly as soon as it has begun. No reason is given.

More than a year since he last saw her—a year of anger, confusion, and despair—he receives an invitation from the Bingleys to a house party at Netherfield. Darcy is first tempted to refuse, but with the understanding that Elizabeth will not attend, he decides to accept.

When a letter arrives, confirming Elizabeth’s intention to join them, Darcy resolves to meet her with indifference. He is determined that he will not demand answers to the questions that plague him. Elizabeth is also resolved to remain silent and hold fast to the secret behind her refusal. Once they are together, however, it proves difficult to deny the intense passion that still exists. Fury, grief, and profound love prove to be a combustible mixture. But will the secrets between them be their undoing?

  • A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity by A D'Orazio
  • Status Duo Out November 2017

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  1. Claudine Pepe
    | Reply

    I can not wait to read the published version of this fabulous story. Amy continues to write stories I find myself devouring again and again!

  2. Pouran
    | Reply

    Wow! What a remarkable story this must be! Sounds so intriguing.😍🤓 So, Elizabeth decided to call off the wedding because of obnoxious, stupid Lydia! 😱I can’t wait till November! 😩

  3. Sheila L. Majczan
    | Reply

    I am so looking forward to reading this…and anything written by Amy, one of my favorite JAFF authors. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Carole in Canada
    | Reply

    Oh the angst on this one! What is the secret that would tear them apart! Can’t wait for this!

  5. J. W. Garrett
    | Reply

    I love Amy’s work even if I have to have blood-pressure meds after reading one of her stories. [Joking] I look forward to reading the published work. Blessings Amy on getting this published.

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