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I’ve always loved words—reading them, writing them, and as my friends and family will wearily attest, speaking them. I started writing poems when I was an angst-ridden teenager, came to truly comprehend the potency of the English language whilst studying Literature at college, and went on to earn a degree in Literature and Philosophy at Warwick University. After graduation, I went a little off-piste, acquiring a tapestry of work and life experiences from the only vaguely interesting to the completely irrelevant.

It was later, when I was at home with my two young children, that my love affair with literature was reignited. Whilst making a papier-mâché Octonauts Gup-A (Google it—you’ll be impressed) for my son one Christmas, I watched a BBC rerun of its 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series. In short order, I’d dusted off my copy of the novel and within hours, was fired up by the remembrance of Austen’s genius with words. I returned to writing in earnest and began work on a Regency romance based on her timeless classic. My debut novel, Mistaken is the result.

The Regency period continues to fascinate me, and I spend a good deal of my time there, imagining all manner of misadventures to write about. The rest of the time I can be found at home in Hertfordshire, where I live with my husband, two children and an out-of-tune piano. You can check out my musings on the absurdities of language and life on my blog, Life in Words. You can also follow me on Twitter, @JessieWriter or on my Facebook page, Jessie Lewis Author, to see what I get up to when I’m not cavorting about the Regency Era in my daydreams.

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