Our authors are a talented group whose imaginations fill the pages of the library at Meryton Press and your own. Travel to the wilds of Regency Scotland, be a passenger on a lonely brigand-filled coach road in England, experience Depression Era Kentucky, visit contemporary Savannah, Georgia, or even follow a soldier onto the battlefields of World War I France. Our authors invite you into their worlds. Whether original fiction, sequels or classic novels, let us entertain you.

JL Ashton
J Marie Croft
Amy George
Jenetta James
Lory Lilian
Kelly Miller
LS Parsons
Contributing Authors
Rachel Berman
A D'Orazio
Linda Gonschior
KC Kahler
Catherine Lodge
Heather Moll
Audrey Ryan
Linda Beutler
Jessica Evans
Jan Hahn
Suzan Lauder
KaraLynne Mackrory
CP Odom
Dee Wallain
Karen M Cox
Ann Galvia
Cynthia Ingram Hensley
Gail McEwen
Gail McEwen and Tina Moncton
Belén Paccagnella
Lewis Whelchel