#MyPemberley: Biltmore Mansion

Amy D'Orazio's Pemberley

from A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity

The ladies of the Darcy family were enthusiastic rosarians from the days of Shakespeare. Lady Anne Darcy, Mr. Darcys mother, was no exception, continuing the tradition and expanding the varieties grown in Pemberleys gardens.

It is here, among the roses, that Darcy and Elizabeth share their first kisses as an engaged couple and dream of their future life.


How good, how right it felt to have her beside him, to see her hand on his arm. She chattered away about some such nothing — her visit to Blenheim? something about the Peaks? — until she saw the profusion of beautiful roses. Elizabeth gasped when she saw them all, her delight so vivid that he made her a promise on the spot.

“I shall see to it that you have a posy of them in your chamber every morning.”

 Elizabeth smiled up at him. “It would seem a shame to tear some poor maid from her duties just to get me flowers.”

 “Who said anything about a maid?” He had gently touched her cheek with the tip of his finger. “I shall see to it myself.”

 Her smile, if it was possible, had gotten even larger. “Sir I must warn you, you show every sign of being an indulgent husband.”

 “Oh dear,” he teased. “What if you should become insufferably spoilt?”.

 “It is of grave concern.” She edged nearer to him, her face tilted toward his in a charmingly tempting manner. “I suppose if I spoil you in return, however, the effect may be lessened.”

 “How will you spoil me?” He asked, pressing closer to her, as close as he dared and then some.

 She lowered her eyes a second and then peeked up at him through her lashes. “Why, in any way you would like me to.”

 His skin had seemed to come alive, prickling and warm, his heart pounded and his head swam — he worried for none of that though for it was his lips that led the charge, lowering to her, kissing her first gently and then deeply, the true kiss of a lover.  


  • An extraordinary library with over 10,000 books where Elizabeth and Darcy spend many pleasant hours reading together
  • A conservatory where even the dreariest of winter days can be made to feel like summer
  • Large dining room for entertaining along with a smaller breakfast nook for intimate family meals
  • Miles of gardens, wooded areas and river banks for excellent rambles

Fact Sheet

The fictional setting is Regency Era Derbyshire, England. Here's some details about the real building behind the inspiration.


Property Name: Biltmore Mansion

Location: Asheville, NC USA

Built: 1889-1895 by George Washington Vanderbilt.

Family history:        

George married his wife Edith in 1898; they had one daughter, Cornelia who was born in 1899.

The estate was inherited by Cornelia’s son William Cecil who died October 2017.


Biltmore House is 175,000 square feet. There are 250 rooms, 35 bedrooms and 43 bathrooms

There are 65 fireplaces and 16 chimneys

Original estate was 125,000 acres, with landscaped gardens over 75 acres

The library contains over 10,000 books

When it opened on Christmas Eve 1894, the estate employed 438 people including 30 to 35 domestic servants waited on the Vanderbilts.

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15 Responses

  1. Glynis

    How gorgeous! I’m biased I suppose as I live ten minutes from Lyme Park and an hour from Chatsworth so they are both my images of Pemberley but I loved the photos of the house in this article.
    I also adored the excerpt from your new book and am really looking forward to the cover reveal tomorrow and to the release date. Thank you.

    • Meryton Press

      For a Janeite or Austenesque fan, that’s like name dropping. Seriously, though, those are amazing pieces of architecture.

    • Amy D'Orazio

      Glynis you are certainly quite lucky to have such gorgeous properties right in your backyard!

  2. Jan Hahn

    Lovely post, Amy! Biltmore could certainly be an American Pemberley.

    • Amy D'Orazio

      Thank you Jan!

  3. Jan

    Stunning choice for Pemberley, Amy. And what a wonderful scene you excerpted!
    I really need to go and tour the Biltmore Mansion.

    • Amy D'Orazio

      You do! And then just pop on up to Newport and see the lovely cottages the other Vanderbilts built! 🙂

      Thank you!

  4. Elin

    Stunningly beautiful, not hard to imagine this manor as Pemberley.
    My image of Pemberley is all in my head but I have always imagined he also owned Dunnottar castle in Scotland…

    • Amy D'Orazio

      I had to look up the castle… gorgeous setting! I could see it being owned by them too!

  5. Ginna

    And Biltmore’s park is at least 10 miles around, isn’t it?

    • Amy D'Orazio

      Well Biltmore has something like 20-25 miles of trails through the grounds but if you go in a perimeter around the grounds by the house, I think its 6! So actually not quite as big as Pemberley which, I have to say, is quite sobering because when I was at the Biltmore it literally seemed so massive!

  6. Carole in Canada

    What a gorgeous estate! I would love to spend time in the gardens and especially in the library! I can certainly see how this would be an inspiration for Pemberley. Looking forward to Feb. 14th!

    • Amy D'Orazio

      Thank you Carole!

  7. Suzan Lauder

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Pemberley, Amy! I look forward to all of them over the next few weeks. Good luck on your release. You won’t need it, though. Your book is awesome!

    • Amy D'Orazio

      You are so kind Suzan! Thank you!