#DarcyDays 12 – Fan Choice

Sale Schedule:

12/26 A Peculiar Connection $2.99 
12/27 Mistaken $2.99 
12/28 Best Part of Love $2.99
12/29 Second Impressions $1.99
12/30 My Mr Darcy and Your Mr Bingley $2.99
12/31 Side by Side Apart $2.99
1/1 A Most Handsome Gentleman $2.99
1/2 All the Things I Know $2.98 
1/3 Fair Stands the Wind $2.99
1/4 Mendacity & Mourning $2.99

Some Sale Details:

  • Each Kindle book will be on sale for a 24 hour period beginning at 12 midnight and ending at 11:59pm.
  • The sales prices will be available in the US and UK only.
  • In the UK, time will be measured in GMT and in the US by PST.
  • Prices below may vary slightly on Amazon UK.
  • Details subject to change.

5 Responses

  1. Sheila L. Majczan

    So many delicious looking Darcys…I am drooling. Merry Christmas.

  2. Elin

    A lot of very handsome looking Darcy’s, my favourite being Matthew Macfadyen and the one I missed being Jason Mamoa 😉
    Looking forward to the sale as there were several from my wishlist, yay!

  3. Suzan Lauder

    Colin would be my first pick, but since it’s a choice of everyone but Colin, whoever that guy is in the lower right hand corner has my vote. Wow. He has all the attributes down! Who is he? Hovering over the photo says Tom Ellis.

    Second choice is Henry Cavill. I used to pick him and Emma Watson as Darcy and Elizabeth, but he’s getting too old. She’s still a good Elizabeth!

    Some will note the missing Sam Riley and Matthew Rhys! Not my faves, but others adore them.

  4. Glynis

    Several shots of the swoonworthy Richard Armitage ❤ yum! Also the handsome Matthew! I would also accept Henry Cavill or David Gandy. You see I’m quite easily pleased 😍.
    Thank you so much for sharing the 12 days of Darcy. I wouldn’t object if this was an annual, monthly or preferably weekly (daily) event 😘

  5. BeckyC

    Oh dear. Richard Armitage is my Darcy but we have many lovely candidate’s!