Talking About: Boots & Backpacks

Boots & Backpacks is now available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.  The Kindle version was published on October 30th and just finished a successful Blog Tour. Here’s what some reviewers had to say: …Great writing, avoiding the clichés, … Read More

Romantic Comedy Tropes in Boots & Backpacks

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(Crossposted from Babblings of a Bookworm)   As a pop culture geek, I’m a sucker for tropes. What’s a trope? Well, according to the supreme time-sucking site TV Tropes: Tropes are universal across all media types – mythology, literature, TV, … Read More

Boots & Backpacks Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Today is the last day of the Boots & Backpacks blog tour. I think it went well, but of course, it was my first! Thanks to everyone who participated: bloggers, reviewers, commenters. Special Thanks to Jakki at Leatherbound Reviews for … Read More

The Unofficial Boots & Backpacks Theme Song: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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Several songs are mentioned in Boots & Backpacks, but I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers appears multiple times. It is, therefore, the unofficial theme song.   How many times could you listen to that song before you got sick of … Read More

The Boots & Backpacks map: the importance of setting in a journey story

Why, yes, I did make a map to show the route Darcy and Elizabeth travel. In a journey story, the setting is particularly important, and when a setting is as well-known as the Appalachian Trail, you had better get your … Read More

Boots & Backpacks Prologue

Since the B&B blog tour starts tomorrow and there will be various excerpts posted, I thought I’d post the Prologue here as an unofficial kick-off. The excerpts will make more sense if people have read this first.   Prologue Distance … Read More

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