Interview: Karen M Cox, Other Era Maven

Karen M Cox, the award-winning author of Austen-inspired novels, stands out in the Jane Austen Fiction genre for taking Austen’s characters and placing them in not often explored historical settings. She allowed me to take the time to pick her … Read More

An Author’s Journey with Karen M Cox

Back in April, I had the opportunity to talk with readers during the Meryton Press Dear Friend Event about reading—mostly about how the meandering paths my reading history took have shaped and developed my love for books over the years. … Read More

Turn It Over: Back Cover Art

I am fortunate. I’ve had the pleasure of working with two amazing graphic artists in the years I’ve been publishing my stories. A ton of work goes into the front covers because in this digital age of ours, that’s what gets seen. … Read More

#ChickLitMay ebook Winner

  The drawing for the 19-book ChickLitMay Giveaway has been completed, and the winner of an ebook copy of my novel, At the Edge of the Sea, is… Rhonda G I have been in contact with Rhonda and her ebook … Read More

Publisher’s Weekly Review

    At the Edge of the Sea Karen M Cox, Author, K Gail McEwen, Editor, Zorylee Diaz-Lupitou, Illustrator In this intoxicating and heartfelt romance set in 1959, a minister’s son falls headlong for the wrong kind of girl. Billy … Read More

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